Discuss The Project

Working with us is pretty easy. For flexibility, we can work with you as individuals or as an agency – you can choose what’s best for you.

To begin, we will need you to explain your project and how we can help you. In case you’re not sure of what you need help with, you can have a brief chat or Zoom Meeting with Victor.

Develop & Elaborate

We’ll then proceed with the project when we’re clear of your expectations & deliverables.

Then we’ll need Administrator-level access to your website and in some cases your hosting control panel access.  If you don’t have these, or your current designer is holding them, hostage, we can help you get them. 

If you prefer we work on your staging site, we will but in case you don’t, we can work professionally on your live website without breaking it and also all care measures which include backup of the current website state to ensure nothing goes wrong.

When quality is delivered, what else?

Final Approval

When our work is completed, we will be in touch with you so you can check and if you have any revisions, we will do it until you’re satisfied 🙂

That’s it! We look forward to working with you.

Oh! Did we forget to mention we work on hourly and fixed pricing? With our pricing, you can save a lot.

You’re about to be among the over 2000 happy clients.